Your next adventure starts here! Lithuanian language and culture course welcomes everyone!

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Have you ever thought to yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to speak a language that only a handful of people on earth know? What is it like belonging to a community whose roots date back to the 10th century? If so, Vytautas Magnus University welcomes to join Lithuanian Language and Culture winter and summer courses.

Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Course: Online Edition

Dates: 2 January, 2022 – 31 January, 2022
Registration for tuition waiver: November 23 2021 at -> Scholarships
Registration for paying students: December 20 2021 at
Course duration: 02 January 2022 to 31 January 2022 (30 days).
Credits: 6 ECTS.
Course organisation: morning and afternoon groups available to accommodate different time zones. Language and sociocultural lessons available.
Entry level: from no background to C1.
Selection criteria for the candidates: Motivation (1) and Recommendation (2)
Priority for students who: Apply for the for the first time (1) and study Lithuanian language, history and culture in their home country (in)formally and officially.
More information:

Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course: Online and Offline courses
Summer course dates: 16-07-2022-07-16 – 14-08-2022
Scholarships available for contact courses.
Registration opens in February.
Course description can be found here
Social media channels: Facebook, Instagram.

11 Nov 2021