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Master DegreeSocial Work: specialisation Social Work in the Context of Global Crises

Tuition fee €4,384 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

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Social Work: specialization Social Work in Contexts of Global Crisis program is the one for you if you want to learn how to:

• Promote the liberation of people from oppressive conditions and their empowerment.

• Solve social problems arising from social inequality and discrimination against people.

• Understand and put into practice the principles of human rights and social justice.

• Acquire skills in analyzing and critically evaluating social service ideas and practices.

• Acquire skills in analyzing and critically evaluating social policies and decision-making processes in relation to social welfare.

• Engage people and structures to address life’s challenges.

• Support families and children in conflict and crises.

• Acquire knowledge and skills in family counseling and group work.

• Promote social inclusion and human well-being, especially in situations of marginalization and oppression.

• Make innovative – human rights-based – decisions in the provision of social services.

• Have a wider range of career choices, whether to continue in social service provision, social policy-making, or civil society movements and advocacy.

• Apply social work interventions.

• Articulate between micro (interpersonal), mezzo (organizational), and macro (policy) levels in addressing social inequality and marginalization of people.

• Create and manage social services and psychosocial support for people, including in humanitarian crises.

The Master in Social Work aims to train highly qualified social workers with the knowledge, skills, and methods needed to effectively apply social work interventions that are based on social justice and human rights for peoples‘ empowerment, structural changes, social inclusion, and social cohesion. The specialization “Social Work in the Context of Global Crises” provides an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of social work interventions by combining the immediate and long-term emotional, relational, social, and practical needs of individuals, families, communities, and society, the provision of social services, the trauma’s overcoming, community (re)building and advocacy in the context of intercultural conflicts and global crises. The specialization is delivered in English. The degree is a Master of Social Sciences.

Career opportunities

Social work offers a wide range of career opportunities in many walks of life and careers. Social workers provide social work services in the fields of social services, education, health, corrections and justice system, and armed forces, working in non-governmental, private, public, and governmental settings, including but not limited to national and global social work contexts. Graduates of the Master of Social Work program organize and manage social work activities, carry out social work research, implement prevention programs, administer, develop, and implement national and international projects and programs, initiate new social services, participate in social workers’ training and qualification programs, and plan, implement, and evaluate intervention processes all through the work with the individual, the family, the group, and the community.

Social workers work in many areas of development of society, including but not limited to child protection and welfare, gender equality, aging populations, international migration, global crises (i.e. armed conflict and climate change), the empowerment and social inclusion of people with disabilities and other groups at risk. Professional domains covered by social work practice include psychosocial counseling, work with families and groups, community organization, preventive work, policy analysis and policy building, advocacy. Graduates of the specialization “Social Work in the Context of Global Crises” will be ready to join social work professional community at the international level. Graduates of the master’s degree in social work can pursue doctoral studies in doctoral programs in social work, sociology, education, and other social science doctoral programs in Lithuanian universities and internationally.

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
1 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
28 Aug 2024
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
1 Jul 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
28 Aug 2024