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Master DegreeInternational Business and Technology Law

Tuition fee €4,295 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-EU applicants shall pay through the Flywire portal.

Application fee is not refundable.

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This program is offered in response to the challenges posed by rapid digitalization and robotics to business law by combining relevant aspects of two branches/institutes of law – business and technology law.
The aim of the master’s study program is to prepare highly qualified masters of law who know the specifics of international business and technology law institutes and their interaction, are able to independently and critically analyze problems of the synergy of international business and technology law in the contexts of the development of artificial intelligence, changes in relevant legal science, globalization of business and legal environment (integrating articulation at the international, EU and national levels), to find and propose concrete solutions to complex international business situations, taking into account the latest theories of legal science and the requirements of professional legal ethics.

Career opportunities

Master in International Business and Technology Law provides multiple career paths and a variety of employment opportunities. Graduates can choose to work in different areas, including public and private sector, International and EU institutions, start their own business, or become a member of the regulated legal profession.

Employers will value student’s broad and interdisciplinary knowledge in the complex synergy of business, law and technologies. This degree entitles its holder (who also has the bachelor’s degree in law) to be a member of the regulated legal professions (such as judge, procurator, notary, attorney, bailiff, jurist, etc.)

The graduate has the right to enroll to the third cycle studies.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment