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Bachelor DegreeAccounting and Finance / Учет и Финансы

Tuition fee €2,865 per year
Application fee €100 one-time

Non-EU applicants shall pay through the Flywire portal.

Application fee is not refundable.

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The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified specialist in accounting and finance, holding knowledge in the sciences of accounting and finance, knowing the principles and methods of accounting organization and handling, financial analysis and management models, capable of independent formation and critical assessment of the financial and tax accounting policy, deal with financial management problems, plan, organize, control and assess the finances of business, public and non-profit organizations and substantiate the financial management decisions under the constantly changing conditions.

Why to choose this programme?

• Accounting is a business language, that helps to understand the meaning of numbers and the significant processes that takes place in any company.
• Programme prepares highly qualified, innovative financiers that operates creative, digitized accounting, sustainable (green) financial management, tax optimization, organizational value creation, risk management and assessment of future opportunities.
• You will be prepared for managing both – accounting and finances.
• You will be able to help the managers of the biggest companies to make the right decisions how successfully manage the business.
• Every business needs its professional accountant – you will have wide job opportunities and a possibility to choose whether you want to lead a company or manage your own business.

Language of instruction: First study year is taught in Russian, from the second-year language of instruction is English.

Career opportunities

Following completion of the study programme You will be able to:

• handle financial, tax and management accounting at organizations, form the accounting policy ensuring effectiveness of the accounting system and validity of the accounting information.
• control the assets and equity, transactions, and performance results of the organizations.
identify the accounting and financial management problems and the available solutions.
• organize and conduct audit and document its results.
• apply mathematical and statistical methods and modern information technologies necessary for the analysis and assessment of economic and social phenomena and processes.
• to work as chief accountant, accountant, financial analyst, financial manager, internal auditor in national and international business enterprises, public sector organizations, audit firms, institutions of tax, insurance, controlling, consulting, finance.
• independently as self-employed to provide accounting, tax and consulting services.
• to continue your studies in master degree of accounting, finance, economics, management and business administration, and other social sciences.

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Not available for applying at the moment